Since first opening its doors, Celebration Creations goal has been to offer support to communities  and social service organizations.  To do this we are pleased to offer an  Organization and Vendor Discount program.

We have several tiers of discounts available:

Tier 1: 5% off   order from $750 to  $1500 

Tier 2:  10% off orders from $1501 – $3000

Tier 3: 15% off orders over $3001 

Celebration Creation customers that are eligible f include schools, colleges, service organizations, churches, synagogues, clubs, community centers,  and other not-for profit associations.

Qualified organizations should complete an application for Organizational and Vendor Discount membership.  A signed letter from an officer of the organization on its official letterhead must be presented at the time of the first purchase.

For more information on the discount program or an in-kind donation contact us  or call us at 732-378-9922 or by email at