National Make a Difference Day

Saturday, October 24, 2020 is National Make A Difference Day.  Established to bring community service to a whole new level each year. Organizations join forces on the fourth Saturday in October to make a difference, big or small.

In honor of Breast Cancer awareness month, survivors, family members and all those who have struggled with this battle – Celebration Creations is making a donation to American Cancer Society of NJ – Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

All across the country, organizations pick up the tools required to help others during this weekend and you can too.   

HOW TO OBSERVE #MakeADifferenceDay

  • Volunteer in your community or for an organization with merit.
  • Be a mentor. Help a youth or another professional to gain new skills.
  • Make a donation to a charity with meaning to you.
  • Say a kind word of support to someone who is struggling.
  • Put your skills to work. Sometimes our hobbies can bring joy to others in ways we least expect it.

Do what you can to make a difference and use #MakeADifferenceDay to post on social media.  In this season,  every expression  of love for each other through support and good ol’ elbow grease is sometimes all we need to make a difference.

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World Tolerance Day

In a month where we take time to appreciate and give thanks for all that we have…why not take a moment to celebrate and appreciate our differences.  Designed to promote tolerance , respect and cooperation World Tolerance Day celebrates diversity amongst the world’s different cultures.  Observed annually on November 16 educators, international organizations and many human rights activists take this opportunity to educate others. 

What You Can Do:
You can get involved and demonstrate your acceptance of looks, beliefs and practices that differ from your own. Use the day to educate your children and coworkers about the importance of tolerance. Take time to learn about another culture or people group.
Think of ways you can improve tolerance in your community, state, and country.
Share this day on social media with #InternationalDayForTolerance
Show your employees and customers that you value diversity by displaying rainbow themed balloons.

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Mad Hatter Day

October 6th is a day set aside each year to bring out your silly side while celebrating National Mad Hatter Day.
The fictional character, The Hatter (also known as The Mad Hatter) from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is typically acting silly, and that is how the creators of this day decided on their theme of silliness for National Mad Hatter Day.
We had fun carrying the Mat Hatter celebration into a Steam Punk themed Sweet 16. We used 260q entertainer and helium filled balloons to create floating submarines and added cogs, gears and hats to number sculptures, table centerpieces and for guests to wear.

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