Why Adopt A Grandparent?

In a recent call with some local balloon artists we were discussing the pandemic and its effects on families in assisted living and nursing home facilities.  One balloon artist had recently walked through a facility and described her experience. It was incredibly emotional and it took everything inside to hold back tears as she explained what the residents were feeling.  Since February 2020, many have been isolated without their loved ones for more than 10 months – some even longer than that.  Others are often left without family altogether. It was heartbreaking to hear how lonely they were and how much they needed to feel loved and longed to be with their loved ones.

We believe, as a community,  we need to show them how much they mean to us and how VERY special they are. On January 15th, Celebration Creations joined the national movement campaign that has quickly grown and inspired national and international reach with balloon professionals around the world using their crafts and abilities to also #spreadlove to the oldest residents in their communities by launching this same campaign and encouraging their areas to #adoptagradparent.

​How Can You Help?

The idea to anonymously send someone a special delivery, has touched so many of our hearts, and literally has inspired our community to do good and make someone feel good at the same time.   Our goal is to deliver smiles and spread love throughout Ocean County them with the National Adopt A Grandparent movement. We create and deliver  “Balloon Buddies” and a “Hug Card” for each resident and drop them all off at one time to your facility.  The following is a list of homes who are participating. 

  1. RESIDENCE AT STAFFORD – 66 residents – 100% Adopted 
  2. Brandywine Living at the Gables – 55 Residents – 25% Adopted
  3. Barnegat Rehabilitation and Nursing Center – 76 residents
  4. Terrace at Sea Crest Village – 62 residents
  5. Brandywine Living, Toms River – 90 residents
  6. Brandywine Living, Wall Township – COMING SOON

Join the movement :Click here to Adopt-A-Grandparent

Thank you for participating